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POSTER: What The Hell Happened To The Sex and the City 2 Poster?

OMG, This is Dreadful!

Here’s the new revision of Sex and the City 2 and it looks a HOT MESS!

This is the final poster for Sex & the City 2. Yuck, I’m so upset with this. Talk about touch ups, Sarah looks a mess, Kim looks like she’s got back problems and her face, what the hell did they do to her face? That’s the face of the new gay dude in the Archie Comics.

She doesn’t even resemble a human, let alone what she actually looks like – which is pretty damn good!

Why Hollywood, why? This is a fucking train wreck of a poster. Sarah please speak up on this. They made you look like the crypt Keeper.


FIRST LOOK: Piranha 3-D

Fans who are waiting patiently for the next cool 3D remake are sadly going to have to wait a lot longer as Dimension Films announced today that they have bumped the release date of Alexandre Aja’s Piranha 3D all the way to March 19, 2010.

That was the original date, but he film was pushed back to April 16, 2010 and now the  27 August 2010, which basically means the movie is a box office dud.All those push backs mean …yawn.!

Can you belive this movie has stars like Ving Rhames, Elisabeth Shue, Eli Roth, Adam Scott, Richard Dreyfuss, Christopher Lloyd! What are they thinking. I know it’s campy, and some-what scary, but why did they remake this film?

When movies release in August, they are usually the studios write-offs for the year. Put the bad films int he third quarter. This way it is a right off, why do I know this, because I’m in the biz and you NEVER see big budget films dropping in August. it’s July 4th and Labor day. hence the dead month ie August.

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EARLY BUZZ/INSIDER: “Final Destination 5” Gets the Green Light Along with The Thing Prequel

And you thought “Final Destination was over. you thought wrong, the movie was a hit once again so the franchise continues on. It comes from the writer himself via his twitter.

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SPOILER/INSIDER: What’s The News on Friday The 13th Pt 2 in 3-D

So what’s the deal with the sequel with Friday the 13th, you know the Michael Bay follow up, Friday The 13th Pt 2 3-D

The news dropped recently that Camp Crystal Lake was officially closed. Maybe it’s because of the dreadful remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, But the remake of Friday The 13th films was great. Yes it may not have the impact as the original Sean Cunningham films, but Michael Bay actually had a grasp on Jason.

No offence to Freddy, but the film just seemed to be a boor when I saw it a couple of months back. the review will be up this friday for Nightmare, but if you’re expecting anything different look at the first 10 minutes with Kelan Lutz of  “Twilight.” It’s the only thing in the remake that is original to a point. The killing is great for all you blood thirsty horror fans. The story is a little different and it’s got an updated visual effect that makes the old one look amateur. As for the story, nothing can touch the Wes Craven Classic. It was and will always be an Masterpiece in horror. The remake is just a bad knock-off.

Michael needs to stick to the Friday the 13th franchise as this film is the winner of the two in the remake category. Love, love, love it, but no more Freddy please. you can make an original film like that anymore original unless you develope a new character and off set reality.

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Lindsay Lohan Goes From “Freaky Friday” to Linda Lovelace (aka Deep Throat) in “Lovelace”

The blockbuster blunder/actress has found herself a movie role, playing Linda Lovelace in a movie titled, “Inferno”. It’s honestly sad but Lindsay was heard to be bragging to anyone who would listen that she was starring as the XXX star in a movie called “Lovelace”.

Today she was reportedly fired from her new film The Other Side, so hopefully she doesn’t screw this one up. It deal with the porn industry, parties, drugs and fellatio, hey maybe it’s up her ally.

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Will Shia Labeouf Be In The RUMORED Remake of American Graffiti?

Well so far it’s been cooler talk, but the cooler talk is becoming a possible reality for Shia Labeouf. Apparently the Transformer star will be taking over the role of Harrison Ford in the remake of the classic film “American Graffiti,” by director George Lucas. The film that took the nation by storm in the 70’s. Looking back at life as a teen in the 50’s. I remember seeing the film when I was 11 years old. I loved it and it was filmed in and around my hometown. The drag race scenes were all done in the city of Petaluma. My feelings is this. If they are really going to remake American Graffiti, it should be done again in and around northern California, namely Petaluma, Santa Rosa and Sonoma.

So is this movie going to be remade? Will Shia take over Harrison Ford’s role in AG? read on inside and find out what’s really going on.

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RED CARPET/INSIDER: The Losers – LA Premier – Idris Elba Injured!

Actors Chris Evans, Oscar Jaenada, Jason Patric, Zoe Saldana, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Columbus Short arrive at “The Losers” Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on (4/20) in Hollywood, California.

As you can tell, the cast had a great time working together and walking the carpet. It was non-stops laughs for everyone. Idris Elba was not in attendance as he Injured his leg playing soccer. He is such a Brit, its sexy.

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