Tyler Perry did a quick change during filming of Why Did I Get married Too, to protect, Janet Jackson when she returned to the set to finish the filming of Married Too. Perry was filming the movie during Jackson’s brothers untimely death and he didn’t want the paparazzi catching her in character.

According to reports, The singer/actress had to film a series of emotional scenes in the film and her grief helped her performance, but Perry feared the media would be cruel if shots of Jackson in tears leaked to the media.

He explains, “There were shots where Janet didn’t have any make-up on and she’s crying and (there’s) snot and everything else… I took them out of the film; they were pretty rough.

“I didn’t want the pictures showing up on the cover of some tabloid, saying, ‘This is what she’s going through’ when it was her acting in the film, so I had around-the-clock security.”

Kind-hearted Perry also changed the ending of the film because he felt sure a funeral scene would be too upsetting for his star.

He adds, “As far as the ending goes… I changed the ending – she did not want me to – because there was something that happened where she had to speak at a funeral and the things that she was going to say, I thought… was too much… I changed it because of that.”

Appearing with the actor/director on Friday’s (4/2) Oprah show in America, Jackson thanked Perry for his consideration, telling host Oprah Winfrey, “He was so kind… so protective… He was by my side… He stopped production and came down to the service and he was with me the entire time.

“He spoke to the entire cast and crew to make sure I felt at home, and asked me how I wanted to be treated on set.”

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