Did you know right now at Disneyland’s California Adventure you can experience Tron over by Monster’s Inc. It’s a high energy techno house realm where you can dance to the latest club bangers while have a sense of being inside the computer. It’s really cool as i went over the weekend and loved it.

I hope Disney has plans for a Tron motor bike roller-coaster ride like the Knott’s Berry Farm horse rollercoaster ride, but enclosed, futuristic and over the top with digital effects. There are two places the ride can go – either in CA Adventure over by Monsters Inc. With a club all inside so it can have two things going on or over in Tomorrow Land that is in serious need of a make-over. The high-tech Tron ride could go in place of the old People movers or the failed rocket launch ride, but this time incase the whole ride in Tubes so you can do all kinds of crazy virtual tricks.

Hopefully imagineers at Disney gives Tomorrow land a digital facelift like Blade Runner and Minority Report Combined. using Solar technology and Digital screens to enhance the rides images, give advertising ops, play video, and make you truly feel like your 100 years ahead and no looking at a vision of what people thought the future would look like in the 50’s. Tomorrow land need help. I know Disney has the talent, but this would be a hot ride and definitely needed in California Adventure.

Right now there are renovating the entire park to make it better and come 2011 California Adventure will have the Little Mermaids ride, the land of Cars, where you can race on a Nascar track similar to Test Drive in Florida, plus 5 more rides themed to cars, Mullholland Madness ride is being re-themed to Goofy. the park is undergoing some serious changes with the entrance as the Golden Gate will be removed and new restaurants are being added.

What we would like to see is the Lilo and Stitch ride, Rocking Rollercoaster, a fast paced mini roller coaster based on Milan and another themed ride like Splash Mountain but all about The Rescuers. I hope Disney’s dream team reads this.

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