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Early Buzz: Marvels Next big Blockbuster “Thor”

Thor come fully loaded with over 10 movie posters to checkout…Did you hear that Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is set for a big cameo in the movie release of Thor as it has officially been confirmed.

Thor hits theaters worldwide on April 27, 2011

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FIRST LOOK: Madea is The REAL Black Swan!!

Tyler Perry is getting really creative with his new Madea film, “Madea’s Big Happy Family.”

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BUZZ: “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol” Taking It To EXTREME Stunt In Dubai

Tom Cruise has revealed that the fourth Mission: Impossible film will be titled Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

But the new film is taking Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol to EXTREME measures. It is in production and word is, Tom Cruise will be hanging along the side of the tallest building in the world, which stand 160 stories high. It’s the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai but would not add any further details, except this tidbit.

Tom Cruise said to Collider:

“I’ll be spending many days, many hours on the side of this building. I can’t give you details, but I will be up there.”

Cruise added this about the ‘in-early production stages’ sequel to Top Gun:

“Those things are a long way off. It takes a long time to figure out stuff.”

However, Ghost Protocol will be the first high-profile production to be set mostly in Dubai.

Director Brad Bird commented:

“We love the fact that it’s a big, new city, that it hasn’t been photographed very much…It’s almost like sets that you could never afford.”

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is due for release in December 2011.

Isn’t this funny how United Arab Emirates has the tallest building now? Will America ever get a build like this again? Will it go in NYC, the country of the free?  Get more inside about the newest tallest building in the world.

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BUZZ: ‘Super 8’ Get Release Date

One of the most talked about movies that has created a buzz and Comicon fans are in a fury about is J.J. Abrams’s Super 8.

J.J. Abrams’s loves to make his fans squirm with anticipation, but now they can take a breath now as a sigh of relief, because Paramount Pictures has announced the release date for the highly anticipated film.

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EARLY BUZZ: Is Wahlberg The Right Leading Man to Play Eric Draven In ‘The Crow’ Remake?

Word has dropped today that Mark Wahlberg was offered the lead role in Relativity Media’s The Crow.

It’s a remake of the 1994 film that starred Brandon Lee as a man (Eric Draven) brutally murdered that comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancée’s murder. The film was an adaptation of James O’Barr’s incredible comic series.

The news has raised our eye-brows questioning the choice made.

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Will Disney Do A Tron Legacy Ride To Update Tomorrow Land’s Lackluster Vision of the Future?

Did you know right now at Disneyland’s California Adventure you can experience Tron over by Monster’s Inc. It’s a high energy techno house realm where you can dance to the latest club bangers while have a sense of being inside the computer. It’s really cool as i went over the weekend and loved it.

I hope Disney has plans for a Tron motor bike roller-coaster ride like the Knott’s Berry Farm horse rollercoaster ride, but enclosed, futuristic and over the top with digital effects. There are two places the ride can go – either in CA Adventure over by Monsters Inc. With a club all inside so it can have two things going on or over in Tomorrow Land that is in serious need of a make-over. The high-tech Tron ride could go in place of the old People movers or the failed rocket launch ride, but this time incase the whole ride in Tubes so you can do all kinds of crazy virtual tricks.

Hopefully imagineers at Disney gives Tomorrow land a digital facelift like Blade Runner and Minority Report Combined. using Solar technology and Digital screens to enhance the rides images, give advertising ops, play video, and make you truly feel like your 100 years ahead and no looking at a vision of what people thought the future would look like in the 50’s. Tomorrow land need help. I know Disney has the talent, but this would be a hot ride and definitely needed in California Adventure.

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Anne Hathaway and James Franco Joins Cast of Alien Prequel Set for 2011

That’s right another Alien film is in the works for summer 2011, but this time they’re taking us back tot he beginning with a prequel to Alien.

And Anne Hathaway and James Franco are the latest stars to be linked to Ridley Scott’s new Alien movie. but the cast has become quite star-studded as other well-known actors are already linked. In fact Sigourney Weaver is hands on the casting of the film.

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