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FIRST LOOK: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” stars James Franco, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, Tom Felton, David Oyelowo and Andy Serkis.

  • Release Date: August 5th, 2011 (wide)
  • Director: Rupert Wyatt
  • Cast: James Franco, John Lithgow, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto, Tom Felton
  • Studio: 20th Century Fox Distribution
  • Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama and Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • MPAA Rating: R for violence and terror.
  • Year: 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – An origin story set in present day San Francisco, where man’s own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.

The movie is a reality-based cautionary tale that blends science fiction and science-fact when a single act of both compassion and arrogance leads to a war unlike any other. Set in present-day San Francisco, Will (Franco) has long been working on a cure that is being tested on apes when his test subject named Caesar (Serkis) starts exhibiting intelligence equal to humans. Caesar starts to evolve rapidly, and the scientist takes him home to live with him and protects Caesar from cruel scientists. A revolution then starts that threatens mankind’s existence and the beginning of a new race.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver.

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FIRST LOOK: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Dont Be Afraid of the Dark stars Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce star in this film is produced by Guillermo Del Toro.

The Troy Nixey will be a must see film. The film tells the story of a young girl sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own.

  • Release Date: August 12th, 2011 (wide)
  • Director: Troy Nixey
  • Cast: Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, Bailee Madison
  • Studio: FilmDistrict
  • Genre: Suspense/Horror, Thriller and Remake
  • MPAA Rating: R for violence and terror.
  • Year: 2011

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – Introverted Sally Hurst has just moved in with her father Alex and his girlfriend Kim when she realizes that their sprawling estate holds its fair share of secrets. Ascending to the depths of the house, Sally gains access to a secret lower level that has lain undisturbed for nearly a century, when the original builder vanished without a trace. When Sally accidentally opens the gateway that kept the creatures locked up tight, she realizes that in order to prevent them from destroying her family is to convince her skeptical father than monsters really exist.

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FIRST LOOK: Fright Night Gets Updated With Colin Farrell

The classic horror film Fright Night, from 1985 that took audience by storm about a vampire who moves into a neighborhood tormenting a young curious teen and his friends.

The witty, fresh, and scary film about a mysterious man who Jerry Dandrige, who moves into the neighborhood and torments a curious teen named Charlie Brewster played by Anton Yelchin. The remake stars  Colin Farrell as Jerry, who gives Chris Sarandon’s original character anger, intensity and  pure edgy fear. After watching the trailer  Colin is Jerry and this is a perfect fit for Farrell.

  • Release Date: August 19th, 2011 (wide)
  • Director: Craig Gillespie
  • Cast: Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, Toni Collette, David Tennant, Christopher Mintz-Plasse
  • Studio: 2DreamWorks Studios
  • Genre: Comedy, Suspense/Horror and Remake
  • MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
  • Year: 2011

Fright Night – Teenager Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) guesses that his new neighbor Jerry Dandrige ( Colin Farrell) is a vampire responsible for a string of recent deaths. When no one he knows believes him, he enlists Peter Vincent (David Tennant), the opportunistic host of his favorite TV show, to help him take down Jerry and his guardian.  Charlie starts to have some serious suspicions that this Jerry guy is a vampire. As with most suspicions, Charlie is proven right after observing strange activity in his neighborhood. With the likes of Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Kick-Ass) as Charlie’s best friend, we are confident that the movie will tickle our tummies.

This time around his mother’s character Jane Brewster, played by Toni Collette is a little more developed and his girlfriend Amy Peterson [Imogen Poots] a little more spicy. The movie gets a full revamp intensifying the scare factor, but keeping with the comedy factor.

I have to say Fright Night is one of my all time favorite vampire films. I am really looking forward to the remake and if it goes to part two again, I hope they take it to the limit. The sequel had so much potential, but floundered to be original or scary. It ended up predictable and cliché’. With Farrell leading up the first installment there is hopes for a matching second that will scare audiences once again.

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REVIEW: Scream 4 Goes Back To Its Roots To Capture A New Generation

Scream 4    B

Movie review: Acacia

Scream 4 starts off as all of the previous films have, with a phone call to a ridiculously young, ridiculously attractive girl.

But this is a new decade and Scream 4 is for a new generation. The film’s initial act serves up what made the original Scream great: great self-referential digs at horror movie remakes that any pop culture lover can recognize as something they might say. Then we’re made aware that we’re back in Woodsboro, the setting of the original movie. The two sequels, as much as I enjoyed them, felt to epic once they left the small town setting. There’s something really scary about a killer on the loose, who you can’t easily hide from on a huge college campus or in a big city.

Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is back in her hometown to plug her self-help book. There she reconnects with her remaining family; cousin Jill (Emma Roberts) and Aunt Kate (Mary McDonnell). Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) is now a Woodsboro resident married to Dewey Riley (David Arquette), now the town sheriff. Unfortunately, with Sydney’s return comes Ghostface’s reemergence and people quickly begin dropping like flies.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Arthur [Remake]

Arthur     B-

Movie review: Acacia

Arthur is a happy drunk with no pretensions or any ambition. He is also the heir to a vast fortune. Arthur is forced to marry a woman he doesn’t love or lose his inheritance. Arthur proposes but then meets a Linda, played by Liza Minnelli, a woman with no money whom he falls in love with. This was the plot of the original 1981 movie starring the late Dudley Moore. Not much has changed in the 2011 version of the light-hearted comedy.

The new millennium Arthur stars Russell Brand [Arthur Bach] as the loveable drunken billionaire, Helen Mirren his lifelong nanny, Hobson, a straight-talking English woman who treats Arthur like he’s still a naughty child, which his behavior warrants. Their interaction is central to the movie and gives the film its warmth. Hobson is very much a mother figure to Arthur even if he realizes it too late. Through their relationship, Arthur finally grow up. Greta Gerwig makes her big screen debut as Naomi, taking over the love interest role that Liza Minnelli played while Jennifer Garner plays Susan, the cutthroat and ambitious woman that Arthur is ordered to marry. The two women certainly contrast each other, but I didn’t really need nor want their characters in the movie. As I said before, it’s all about Hobson and Arthur.

However, Gerwig played a convincingly sweet woman, someone you wouldn’t be surprised childlike Arthur would fall head over heels for. Jennifer Garner played against type but she sunk her teeth into the role of Susan. She wasn’t given much, but it seemed she relished being a little evil. Neither was the great Nick Nolte, who plays Susan’s father, Burt Johnson. Luis Guzman plays Bitterman, Arthur’s driver and he was wasted in the role because anyone who has seen his work knows he could’ve been hilarious. But, unfortunately, he wasn’t given much to do except say a quip or wear a stupid outfit every once in awhile. Brand and Mirren had decent performances, giving a really thin script some substance. Overall, the movie was sweet and only a little naughty, just like its predecessor.

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REVIEWS: True Grit and Country Strong


written by Peter Ricci

True Grit takes me back when I was a kid and would go see western movies with my father. The new remake, which Jeff Bridges plays the John Wayne role of Rooster Cogburn. For the most part he does give the character of Rooster edge and the raw grit intended for the part, but I was on the fence for some of it. It stays true to the book as well as authentic westerns. The movie is basically about revenge as a young girls father is murdered by a man he once trusted, Tom Chaney [Josh Brolin] over two gold pieces. His 14-year-old daughter Mattie Ross [Hailee Steinfeld]seeks revenge, but searches out the rudest, badass bounty hunter to do the job. She finds Rooster coercing him to help her on her quest of revenge in the Indian territory of the west. She is approached by a Texas Ranger named La Boeuf [Matt Damon], but quickly turns him down as she seeks her own justice and is not out to help bring Tom to texas to be tried and hung.

The movie is great and the Cohen brothers find their way to approach the material with some biblical verses. If you are a fan of cowboy movies or you just loves a good western then this movie is worht the money spent.


written by Peter Ricci

Country Strong is one of the best films in a while. Strong is a beautiful story of living life as a Country singer and trying to deal with all the dramas, complications and hardships of fame and celebrity.

The movie centers on a fallen, emotionally unstable country star, Kelly Canter [Gwyneth Paltrow] who is pulled out of rehab early by her husband/manager James Canter [Tim McGraw] to save her career before its too late.  Between concerts, dramas and hardships of fame and celebrity, romantic entanglements and old demons threaten to derail them all, but James is determined to get his wife back on top, the only thing that is in the way is his forgiveness he’s unwilling to give.  James looks to new talent to help get Kelly back in the light, so he adds new-found talent and a rising young singer-songwriter Chiles Stanton [Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl], She is beauty-queen-turned-singer trying to make it on the disastrous tour. Kelly’s friend at rehab is already a singer/song-writer, she requests Beau Hutton [Garrett Hedlund] to accompany her on the tour. The movie is filled with romantic entanglements and old demons which threaten to derail them all. The film is entertaining, well acted and full of great music. I was very impressed with the cast; the movie is very moving and real. I like the pace and the real story line. The movie was spectacular from start to finish. It is worth the money to see this film; everyone shines, as no role was too small for anyone. I refuse to say anymore as I don’t want to give this fine film directed by Shana Feste away.

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Death at a Funeral (2010)

Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

Unfortunately Death at a Funeral misses the mark and fails to deliver the comedic veracity of Ryan (Martin Lawrence) the younger brother to Aaron (Chris Rock). Aaron is married to Michelle (Regina Hall) his ever so understanding wife, which came off as filler. Regina is much more than that; this movie didn’t do her justice at all. Both men have had enormous success separately, but the two together are not funny. Where is the smarts of “I Think I Love My Wife,” or the down home hilarity of “Roscoe Jenkins,” because you won’t find it here. It’s a movie that shows you all the comedy between the two leads in the trailer, epic fail.

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