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Jumping The Broom Lands No. 1 Comedy At Box Office

More than doubling its $6.6 million production costs, “Jumping the Broom” debuted with $15.2 million at the box office, received a rare CinemaScore rating of “A” from moviegoers, and finished the weekend as the top-ranked comedy in America.

The second film from T.D. Jakes’ TDJ Enterprises “first look a partnership with Sony Pictures, “Jumping the Broom” landed in third behind big-budget films “Thor” and “Fast Five,” managing to outperform expectations despite heavy competition which included another wedding-themed romantic comedy. The film also marks a diversity milestone as what is likely the first major studio release featuring a predominantly African-American cast, creative team and shepherded by an African-American studio executive.

“We are ecstatic with the performance of ‘Jumping the Broom,'” said DeVon Franklin, vice president of production, Sony Pictures.  “This is the second film under our tremendous partnership with T.D. Jakes and TDJE, and there will be many more to come!”

The successful opening weekend dispels misconceptions about the PG-13 rating and films with family-friendly themes, both widely viewed as box office hindrances for adult movies.  At the same time, “Jumping the Broom” introduces Jakes and TDJ Enterprises as a new force in Hollywood to share a stake of the Black family film market.

Leveraging a plethora of pre-existing relationships and social media networks to create a savvy, non-traditional marketing strategy helped this film to reverse trends and drive increased audiences to the theater, outpacing early estimates.

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BUZZ: Razzies Talk Doesn’t Stop ‘Step Up’ From Doing 4th Installment!!!!

OMG, I can’t believe they’re going there again.  I saw Step Up 3-D and the over all movie was WHACK!

It was confirmed today that a fourth installment of the Step Up franchise will sashay its way into theaters in 2012.  Somehow they have more story to tell – REALLY? Razzies already have their eye on Step Up 3D as worst film, but who knows?

Funny how they took a substantial idea with up and coming super stars like Channing Tatum in the 1st film and Black Thomas in the 2nd and ruin it with a lackluster 3rd and now in the works 4th. – Hollywood leaves me scratching my head again?

Why I don’t know! So let’s go over the details of Step Up 3D [Quick Review]:

  • Story                                          = EPIC FAIL
  • Acting                                        = LACKLUSTER
  • Dancing                                     = EXCELLENT
  • Cinema photography          = GREAT
  • Soundtrack                              = EPIC FAIL
  • Overall                  = D

So I guess 2 out of 5 makes it a hit, who knew? Here’s the best part and it’s just as creative as the horrible script, are you ready?

The title is Step Up 4ever! Go figure?

For some reason today’s society does wan to think, they want lackluster scripts with great visuals,  stupid stunts [Jack Ass 3D], or better yet a low-budget FAKE home movie style production [Paranormal Activity 2]. Why because the RACK in the BUCKS!!! Doesn’t remind you of back n the day with ‘Steppin’ and ‘Stepping 2 Electric Boogaloo’ – notice the film died after the second title – studio’s learn bad title = end of franchise!

Bottom-line the more you patron these crappy films the more they’ll keep on making them!!

I wonder what’s next “Step Up: Beyond”?

Kill Me NOW! Just kidding! LOL!

Sex and the City 2


Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

“Sex in the City 2” spares no cost to go back to the roots of the story of four women who have grown over a ten-year span of friendship. Where are they now and how they have evolved, or have they? Is marriage everything its cut up to be? typical questions are once asked, but this time it’s not about being single.

Some may say this movie is lacking the sex, but instead this movie is about the friends and where they have gone in their lives. It makes complete sense as it shows real growth of four friends over ten years.

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Letters to Juliet


Amanda Seyfried wears another hat this year with her third film “Letter’s to Juliet” a romantic love story. It’s a light hearted film about a young New Yorker fact-checker who journeys to romantic Italy and discovers love for a new friend…and for herself. It’s definitely a feel good movie and gives hope to girls of all ages that their perfect man is right in front of them. Amanda sparkles in every movie she does, from a broken hearted first love in Dear John, to an obsessed manipulative woman, an Atom Egoyan psycho-thriller in Chloe, Seyfried seems to corner the market on versatility.

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The Back Up Plan

Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic


Jennifer Lopez is back with her back up plan. It’s a romantic comedy that has its ups and downs in the laugh factory portion of the film. It’s one of those movies with a target audience, the late 30’s early 40’s female who is still single and wants to have children before it’s too late. The concept of the film makes scense and probably looked extremely funny on paper, but when actually played out the hilarity comes from the support group and a couple scenes with Lopez.

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Date Night

Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

“Date Night” is pure chemistry from start to finish. Claire Foster (Tina Fey) and Phil Foster (Steve Carell) are magical on-screen; they really come off like a real married couple stuck in a routine life, boring right? Fey and Carell are the new Hawn and Martin. Just like the “Out of Towner’s” Fay and Carell ignite with comedic genius on-screen. They have that certain savoir-faire. Carell and Fey’s humor sneaks up and hits your funny bone with a very at home with each other style, like old friends – or like people who have been married for a really long time.

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The Bounty Hunter

Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

As predicted from the previews, this movie leaves you asking did they really make that film. Really? It’s one of those cast big Hollywood name actor (Gerard Butler) Milo Boyd and Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston), put them in a zany situation, basically, a weak script and say we have a hit ladies and gentlemen. The Bounty Hunter falls flat. Butler and Aniston lack anything resembling romantic chemistry. Butler aka The Bounty Hunter and Aniston’s ex-hubby has to arrest his former wife – Then for the next 90 minutes you are privy to watch these two squirming, as they reluctantly, but eventually, fall in love all over again. It’s a formula for romantic comedy gold, yeah if it was two other actors.  The story is filled with miscalculated storylines and useless subplots, so where do we go from here? Do something zany, boo!

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