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Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

Saw 3D doesn’t disappoint in the gore department. Once again the creators of the film has taken it to the limit and spared no expense on disgust, vulgar, and out right blood splatter death sequences. If you are a fan of ‘Torture Porn” then Saw 3D is up your ally. The blood hurdling scenes in the new installment had me gagging; even turning my head as moment were revolting and purely horrific.

So let’s score Saw 3D:

  • Story                                        = GOOD
  • Acting                                      = GOOD
  • Fear Factor                            = VERY GOOD
  • Gore                                          = EXCELLENT
  • Intensity                                 = EXCELLENT
  • Time Worthy                          = 4

Saw 3D take you full circle in a terrifying array of events completing the puzzle. The masterpiece may be set for final installment, but it can easily be rejuvenated into another sequel of the historical horror film franchise.

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Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

Bottom Line: Splice is intelligent, riveting and stimulating to the sifi-mind:

Splice is not your typical science fiction suspense thriller; it will surprise you as its way more than just that. Splice is intriguing, intelligent and sophisticated. Finally, Hollywood put a little creativity to work and came up with an all new dysfunctional family. Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) are a couple at the top of their game.  They are two brilliant scientists whose cutting-edge experiments in genetic engineering and splice genes have struck gold. They are the ground breakers in the world of medical cures; or so they are trying to be. They have genetically designed two promising specimens to research and diagnosis. But is that enough for the couple?

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Shutter Island

Review – Peter Ricci- FlixCritic writer

It’s one of Leo’s best works to date; I can actually say I got lost in the character since Leonardo first came on the screen with “What Happened to Gilbert Grape.” Don’t get me wrong, Leo is an extraordinary actor, the only problem is you always see Leo and NOT the character he portrays until now. This may be the first Oscar worthy film in Leo repituar of works.

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Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

Talk about a huge let down when you run out to the movies. Not much to say about this movie at all. In fact, we can say it in one word, PREDICTABLE! The movie was a complete let down. Let’s break the movie down in the most simple way, God’s mad. Humans are doomed. Only solution: Saving the unborn child, archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) comes to the rescue of a waitress (Adrianne Palicki) in the middle-of-nowhere, the perfect place for angels to have a war, determining the world’s outcome. All at a little diner named, Paradise Falls. This movie could have been the shit if the symbolism and cliché’ storyline was written better.

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Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

Thank God this film is NOT Twilight! The movie is grim, scary and hits hard with a bite. The blood flows freely in this futuristic thriller, as the bloodsucking majority hunt and farm the remaining humans for delicious plasma. The movie starts off strong, but has questions – like how did we get to this? We understand people had a choice to be vampires or food, but why? The one important thing the film left out, which would have given it an ‘A’ for vampire movies. It just lacks in that department. There are other issues throughout the film that bother me, but it’s a horror film, so I overlooked some of the storyline problems.

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Review – Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

Armored is a suspense/drama that never hits its mark or gives you the punch you are waiting for. The overall film is basically a mediocre theatrical release, which could have gone straight to DVD without question. It’s about six friends who are veteran armored truck security guards who run in a tight pack. Probation is over for the new guy Ty Hackett (Columbus Short) so the crew does a test run heist to initiate the newest member into the pack. Matt Dillon plays Ty’s Godfather Mike Cochrane who looks out for his best friend’s son. The movie starts up with Ty heading to work, being picked up by Mike and to the locker room where director, Nimrod Antal (Vacancy (2007) lacks the intensity the film so desires.

The movie has plenty of potential, but it’s a lack-luster in the intrigue and motivation department which become slightly cliché’ in most all the action sequences and the drama. It move a medium pace, but you start wondering if the films low-level of suspense is ever going to get better. It doesn’t! The movie is filled with countless formula moments “Armored” heads into gear, slow gear that is. Armored could have used another rewrite of better direction. It’s not easy to film a movie about armored truck security guards, but the development between the characters could have gone a little deeper, so the emotional intent of each character would be a little more interesting. Basically you have the loose cannon, Baines (Laurence Fishburne), Palmer, which you might remember from Next Friday (Amaury Nolasco) The one who’s found God and is conflicted, Dobbs (Skeet Ulrich) the spineless follower and  Quinn (Jean Reno) the oldest of the crew looking for early retirement.

The movie is based primarily around Ty, who has stepped up to take care of his younger brother Jimmy Hackett (Andre Jamal Kinney), after his mother and father have passed away. They don’t go anymore into that part of the story; you just know Ty is having a hard time juggling being a guardian after coming home from being in the war. They touch a little bit on Ty trying to re-acclimate back into society and touch on his guilt for killing innocent people in the war. The Key element which makes the perfect plan falls apart. Ty’s character is struggling with post war dysfunction which could have been explored deeper, but wasn’t. Bottom line Ty is asked to join this so-called scheme that is a (perfect) done deal, because there are no bad guys only good. The first giveaway and foreshadow. The next, is the cliché ultimatum as Ty is forced to do the heist to save his brother from the foster care system.  Once the story finally kicks into motion it does another nose dive into a stagnant scenario of played out good gone bad clichés once again.

The big moment finally comes and here I was expecting something a little stronger from the director and his suspense techniques, but the film just flat-lines and never climaxes. Armored truck 12 & 17 are set to sail and have the whole thing worked out, it’s a perfect plan that goes wrong. The plan is going smooth until Baines shoots and innocent homeless person who witnessed them hiding the money. It Trigger Ty to save the innocent man and divides the men into a game of cat and mouse. From that point the movie becomes a predictable mess. I was praying they would pull the rug out from under me and surprise me, but the answer was no. In fact, it was depressing as this film has so much testosterone in it that you would expect a high level “Fast & Furious” style movie. I don’t blame the actors in this case as more of the lagging of suspense and disenchanted thrills fall flat on their face because of the director’s choice of filming.

Movies of this nature are all about the angles and the perception. Intense close-ups of the eye’s, more manipulation and betrayal which could have helped this sinking boat at anytime, but it never came. I completely understand why this movie which was filmed back in 2007 with an original 2008 release date, but then pushed back for a complete year later. Obviously this movie has been going through some pre-screening whoa’s and pick-ups, which still didn’t help this movies pace or intensity level. Sometime going back to the beginning hurts you or saves you; in this case it made the movie just ok, not good and definitely not great. It’s sad to say I was very excited to see “Armored” only to find it to be a grim disappointment.

Now, don’t get me wrong Mat, Laurence, Amaury, Columbus and Skeet all were on point with their performances. Even Jean and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Eckehart the rookie cop trying to fill his daddies shoes is foreshadowed to be careful, so you know what happens to him. What is so interesting is Milo looks so young in this film. It had to have been during the first season of Heroes when this movie was done. Moreover, Armored is that action film that is sort of entertaining, but is empty on the inside like the film “Waste Deep,” major potential but do to a weak vision the movie fails to punch the mark. Leaving the movie goers asking that ancient old question “Was I just robbed of my time?” Now, I’m not saying not to see the film, it has some great performances, but I am saying only pay for the matinée, it’s not worth full price at night.

Recommendation: “Armored” this hard edge action drama about Armore truck security with a flawless plane to steel $42 Million is great for a matinée on the weekend.: C-

  • Release Date: December 4th, 2009 (wide)
  • Director: Nimrod Antal
  • Producer: Russell Hollander, Debra James, Chris Lemos
  • Stars: Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Laurence Fishburne, Amaury Nolasco, Fred Ward
  • Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama and Thriller
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of intense violence, some disturbing images and brief strong language.
  • Studios: Screen Gems

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