This week’s Flix Critic Buzz 02/26/10 staring Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan  in Cop Out:

Review – Peter Ricci- FlixCritic writer

Cop Out hit the funny bone on the mark. Big up’s to one of the funniest comedies to hit the screen this year. Cop Out combine the comical efforts of Tracy Morgan aka Paul Hodges and the MVP of the film Sean William Scott aka The Thief Dave. Then Add Bruce Willis aka Jimmy Monroe Die hard edginess making this film a way balanced buddy cop movie with all the stops.

The film is reminiscing of 80’s buddy cop comedies (48hrs, Fletch, Beverly Hills Cop, etc…) with dirty jokes and one liner’s. If you are looking to laugh for your hard-earned cash and feel like you weren’t robbed of your money than Cop Out is the film to check out. It’s worth the dollars no matter what time of day.

Now don’t expect this to be an ingenious new style cop film as it’s not. It a re-cycle of earlier films with a new edge aka Sean William Scott the most hilarious part of the movie. His quick-witted one liners and twisted dialogue in the film makes this movie one of its own and puts it in the buddy cop flick Hall of Fame.

The movie circles around Willis character trying to raise money for his daughter’s (Michelle Trachtenburg) wedding and show up her sycophantic stepfather (Jason Lee). One thing leads to another and Morgan, Willis and Scott are teamed up to bring down and up and coming Latino crime gang Lead by Showtime’s ‘Weeds’ star, Guillermo Diaz.  Like I always say I don’t want to give the story away, so check this one out as it surprised me.

  • Director: Kevin Smith
  • Producer: Polly Cohen Johnsen, Marc Platt, Michael Tadross
  • Screenwriter: Robb Cullen, Mark Cullen
  • Stars: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Sean William Scott, Michelle Trachtenburg, Jason Lee, Cory Fernandez, Sean Cullen, Kevin Pollak, Adam Brody, Guillermo Diaz, Rashida Jones

Recommendation: A buddy Cop Movie that finally makes me laugh from start to finish: B

See what the critics are saying around the Nation:                   Overall Rating: C

Boston Globe – Wesley Morris – “This time you get the sense that Smith just doesn’t care.” more…

Chicago Tribune – Matt Pais- “Just because Tracy Morgan’s in it doesn’t mean it’s funny.” more… – David Thomas – “While this mash-up doesn’t produce results on par with the best of the genres it draws on, it still provides plenty of laughs.” more…

Rolling Stone – Peter Travers – “…hit-and-miss gag machine.” more…

San Francisco Chronicle – Mick LaSale – “…a bad formula movie like every other bad formula movie.” more…

USA Today – Claudia Puig –  “…foul-mouthed but not funny, bullet-riddled but not exciting, crammed with contrivances that go nowhere.” more…