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REVIEW: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Yes, there is a Santa Claus, and he’s brought us a new chapter of Narnia – The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Personally, I love these movies. They are well written, well acted and very fun to watch, but you have to be into fantasy films. No the third and ‘so-called’ final installment of the Chronicles is NOT worth paying for 3-D. – It’s just another film and personally looks great without wearing the glasses.

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Review by Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

Let just get to the meat of this movie as it stars (Christina Ricci) Anna in a mundane scenario. Bottom line Anna doesn’t believe she’s dead, she’s confused, terrified despite the funeral director’s reassurances that she is merely in transition to the afterlife. Elliot convinces her he has the ability to communicate with the dead and is the only one who can help her. Trapped inside the funeral home, with nobody to turn to except Eliot, Anna is forced to face her deepest fears and accept her own death. The only problem is the fear fall flat as director Agnieszka Vosloo tries to mislead you in this somewhat long-winded story of a girl who feared living and now struggles in disbelieve that she is dead.

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassuss

Review – Peter Ricci – FlixCritic writer

Terry Gilliam the mad visionary behind Brazil, Time Bandits and Monty Python, was ready to scrap the film after the passing of Ledger, but thanks to his daughter determination and vision, friends of Heath pulled this movie together and completed it. Terry wanted to scrap the film as Heath had only filmed the London scenes, before his untimely & tragic death at age 28 in 2008 death.

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Sherlock Holmes

Review – Peter Ricci – Flix|Critic

Let’s just start off like this – Thank God for Guy Ritchie and he’s adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. It’s about time we see a new non-boring Sherlock who is quick-witted, fast, tough, and somewhat of a closet homosexual as written. Yes Sherlock has a taste for Watson’s goodies, but it’s more like a jealousy or fear of losing him to a woman in the film. Holmes is also a slob, and druggy, but they don’t hit on it as hard as in other films, which I was pleased. We all know who Sherlock Holmes is and if NOT – I suggest try reading a book and learn.

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