Tasha Smith reprises her role as Angela in the new Tyler Perry film, “Why Did  I Get Married Too” which hits theaters this Friday.
Tasha sat down with our friends over at Honey to have a little girl talk, so to speak, Discussing marriage and how you can get yours.
She also enlightens fans on what makes her character Angela (the loud mouth) tick? Why is she so insecure?
Tasha Smith: “Get married so you can have love, partnership, and a best friend for the rest of your life.  I’m going to get married at the end of the year.  I cannot wait.  He’s so sweet.  He’s my buddy and he’s ride or die too.”

To all the single ladies out there, how can they find the one?

Tasha Smith: “First of all women need to see the movie He’s Just Not That in to You, because for real for real we waste our time with people who are just not that into us.  And you know how we think we are just going to change his mind and change his heart.  Get him to see that we are that woman that he can be with for the rest of his life.  He’s either into you or he is not.  And get rid of him if he aint so you can be open for the one who is.  And you’ll know it because you won’t have to question because he’s going to do everything that your hear desires.  And I’m learning that.”

Are there really women out there like the character you play, Angela, who demand their man’s phone password?  What’s your advice to those women?

Tasha Smith: “Hell yeah!  They are just crazy and out of control.  Thy need to stop trippin’ and stop living in fear because fear will distort and pervert your perception.” Read More…
Source: Honey Mag